Union Station and downtown Kansas City skyline

10 Reasons You Want to Live in Kansas City

Whether you are a family of four or a thriving bachelorette, there’s not enough reasons for you NOT to move to the double city of the Midwest! 

Kansas City is the perfect balance for those who love the “big city” feel with the right amount of prairie lands and golden plains. It has many commercial amenities to offer but not lacking in parks and places for families to bond.

Its lively culture and diverse community will surely make you feel at home. Not to mention the mouth-watering BBQ that you can find wherever you go. 

Are you considering a move to the country’s Sunflower State? Here are ten reasons why you should go through with it!


1. Excellent Housing Options

Are you a senior looking for a place to spend your golden years? No problem, Kansas has plenty of senior homes to offer and safe places to age in place. 

Do you want a sanctuary near the suburbs but still close enough to everything downtown has to offer? Don’t worry; the luxury apartments in KC have got you covered. Take your pick from its studio-type to 3-bedroom floor plan perfect even for small families.


2. Low Cost of Living

The most notable thing about this bustling city is its low cost of living compared to other cities in the country. Expenses in food, housing, healthcare, and other essentials are relatively lower than the average median cost of other states.

Moreover, there’s a reasonable property tax rate here (0.99%) instead of the national average, which is 1.19%. Not many cities offer a property tax rate this low, so if you plan on owning properties, you better do it here.


3. Great Location

Living in Kansas City means you are in a prime location for commuting, commercial business, and entertainment. It is bordered by Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri, allowing you easy access between those states.

Moreover, the city’s heart also offers excellent neighborhoods ideal for families, seniors, and single individuals. This includes Westwood, Westside, River Market, and Westport communities.


4. Friendly Folks

Kansas may be a city, but there is no shortage of warm Midwestern hospitality here! There’s plenty of kindness that goes around, and everywhere you go, expect big waves and smiles from the town folks.

Furthermore, there is a diverse community of people in Kansas City. The majority of the people living in the city are of white and African-American descent. Also, there’s a large population of Sudanese and Irish-American communities.


5. Fun Outdoor Activities

The rural and small-town vibe of the city can be seen mainly through its numerous outdoor attractions perfect for adventure-loving spirits out there. Some of the best outdoor activities for any age include:

  • Watching the picture-perfect Kansas sunset or its starry nights.
  • Visiting scenic parks, such as Mill Creek, Overland Park Botanical Garden, and Westwood Park.
  • Participating in summer family camps and festivals.
  • Visiting the City Market at River Market for some fresh produce.
  • Indian Creek Bike and Hike Trail to get some heart-pumping action.

You can easily escape city life and get a breath of fresh air in the nearby outdoor attractions in less than 30 minutes!

Shuttlecock outside Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City

6. Exciting Attractions

Afraid that there’s nothing to do for your kids? Don’t worry, because there’s plenty for everyone here in Kansas City. And the good thing is that entertainment is just a few minutes away from your luxury apartments in KC.

There’s science stuff, animals, music, and antique toys for everyone, even the young at heart, to enjoy. Some of the best locations to spend time with the family and kids include:

  • Legoland and Sealife
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • The National Museum of Toys and MIniature
  • Kansas City Zoo
  • Union Station, Science City, and Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium


7. Thriving Art Scene

Kansas City has a strong culture rooted in the arts that still thrives up to this day. It has every art piece that art enthusiasts can expect—from the visual masterpieces at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to the artistic performances at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

Make sure to check out the popular festivals throughout the year celebrating the creative culture of the community. You have the Plaza Art Fair, sight and sound of the Crossroads during First Friday, and Brookside Art Annual.


8. THE Barbecue

Kansas City is renowned for its slowly smoked meat barbecue that will satisfy your cravings and taste buds. It has more than 100 restaurants offering the Kansas City-style BBQ, each with its own flare and unique taste.

Additionally, Kansas City hosts several famous BBQ cooking contests like the American Royal World Series of BBQ and the Great Lenexa Barbecue Battle.

Depending on who you ask, there’s plenty of answers about which place serves the best BBQ. There’s Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que near the luxury apartments in KC at Westwood. Or Jack Stack, Q39, and Arthur Bryant’s. 


9. Job Market

If you are afraid that there’s no job opportunity for you here in the “rural” city of Kansas, well, you could never be more wrong.

There’s plenty of job offers here for healthcare professionals, social workers, science, technical jobs, financial employees, and insurance services. In fact, CNN rated Kansas the second in their Top 10 Cities for Jobs list.

For those who want to strike their luck in business, the top-earning industries in the city are agriculture, health, manufacturing, retail, and construction.


10. Quick Commutes

There are millions of friendly folk living in Kansas City, but surprisingly, there’s very little traffic. The metropolitan area covers a vast expanse of land, making the commute more accessible and quicker. Plus, the city is bordered by four different states, providing easy access and short commuting time for those who like to travel.

Additionally, luxury apartments in KC are situated in convenient locations, like Westwood. Living in the outskirts of downtown Kansas City has its perks, such as the quiet rural life while still having easy access to the commercial services downtown. 

Not to mention the convenience it offers for traveling and commuting around the city.