A young woman shopping for produce at the local farmer's market

6 Fun Activities You Can Look Forward To In Kansas City This Spring

While our luxury apartments in Westwood are an amazing place to relax and spend your time, you shouldn’t only spend time in your apartment! What’s the point of living in an amazing city in a centrally-located area if you don’t go out and see all that the city has to offer? 

Kansas City in the spring has an incredible amount of fun and exciting adventures for you to go on. Whether that adventure includes being active on a pickleball court or heading down to the farmer’s market, here are some fun things to do in Kansas City this spring:


1. Get Fresh and Delicious Produce

With springtime comes blooming flowers, warm sunshine, and freshly grown, delicious produce. In Kansas City, the best known farmer’s market to get some of that incredible produce is at City Market. Open every weekend from April to December, this farmer’s market hosts fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables, artisan goods, and baked pastries and delights. If you’re a foodie, then this is definitely the spot for you. 

When you’re done shopping, head back to the luxury apartments in Westwood and try creating a meal only from the produce you purchased at City Market. You’ll immediately be able to taste the fruits of your labor, and if you combine your fresh meal with a picnic in the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, you’ll have the perfect springtime activity. 


2. Play Pickleball

As the weather warms up, people start to move out of their homes and try to get more active outside by going on walks or runs, having picnics, and playing sports. Pickleball is one of those sports that gets people outside, gets people active, and is just fun to play! 

Chicken N Pickle is a combined indoor and outdoor entertainment complex that’s great fun for the whole family. You can head outside and play pickleball with friends, family, or a brand new group of strangers just looking for a fun time, and then head inside to enjoy delicious, locally-sourced food. This is the perfect way to get out of the house for the day, enjoy the warm sunshine, and eat a good meal. Plus, pickleball is just a fun word to say!


3. Stop and Smell the Flowers

If you want to head to a beautiful, flower-packed garden for spring, then you definitely need to check out the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. This beautiful 300-acre garden is a gorgeous place to go on a walk, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the weather. 

This garden is chock full with more than 1700 different species of plants including an unparalleled garden, prairie area that’s perfect for a picnic, and even hiking trails along the outskirts. This makes it your all-in-one stop for a relaxing afternoon or an action-packed and adventure-filled hike. Plus, a garden feels like the most quintessential way to get the springtime started. So, when you venture out of the luxury apartments in Westwood, then stop and smell the flowers!

A field of spring flowers in full bloom

4. Go to a Parade

The Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a must-see event, and the fact that it takes place as it’s starting to warm up outside is a win-win for everyone! Starting at 11AM on St. Patrick’s Day at Linwood and Broadway, this parade is an enjoyable way to celebrate the holiday that’s great for the whole family. 

If a traditional parade isn’t your thing, then another fun “parade” experience to have in Kansas City is attending the bi-annual Parade of Homes. Even if you aren’t currently interested in buying a house, attending this event is an easy and hands-on way to see what the current trends are in the home-building space and to see what exactly builders have been working on. Plus, going around and touring houses is a lot of fun! Though, for this parade, you might want to leave the family at home. 


5. Cheer at a Baseball Game

Kansas City’s most well-known team is the Kansas City Chiefs, especially now that they’ve been able to take home the win at Superbowl LVII. While you may be interested in going to see one of their games, the only issue is that in the spring, it isn’t football season!

Instead, this will give you the opportunity to go see a game for one of Kansas City’s other great teams: the Kansas City Royals. This team has a packed schedule throughout all of spring and summer, and so you’re almost guaranteed to be able to see a game if you want to attend. Plus, there’s nothing quite like getting into the “good ol’ American” vibe and enjoying ballpark snacks while watching the game. 


6. See a Drive-in Movie

Drive-in movies may have fallen out of fashion over the decades, but not at the Boulevard Drive-in. It has been in operation for 74 years, and this local theater isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The theater has adapted and grown over the years, too: it’s America’s first ever 4K drive-in movie theater, and it’s located right in the heart of Kansas City! 

Movie season at the Boulevard Drive-in starts in April, where they will start showing movies during the warmer months so people can more thoroughly enjoy the experience. As it gets closer to opening season, Boulevard Drive-in will update their website with the movies they’re showing and the showtimes, so be sure to keep an eye on that to see what’s coming!


Westwood Village

Our luxury apartments in Westwood are the perfect place to relax after getting out and experiencing everything that Kansas City has to offer. No matter if you head out to enjoy these fun experiences or simply go out to explore the area close to apartments, we want you to be able to enjoy every moment of the warm spring sunshine. 

If you want to make our luxury apartments in Westwood your new home, then contact us and schedule a tour today!