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The Top 4 Mental Health Benefits of Moving to a New City

Moving to a new place is a scary and exciting change for most people. Whether this is your first time moving or if it’s old hat to you by now, there’s no doubt that you get the butterflies in your stomach the day before you’re scheduled to move. After all, moving is a big change, no matter if you’re moving across the city or across the country. 


That isn’t to say that moving is a bad thing! Moving to a new apartment, a new city or even a new state can do wonders for your mental health. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of a scenery change in order to greatly improve your mood. You might not even realize that you’re falling into a rut until you get out of it!


Here at Woodside, we hope that our apartments in Westwood are exactly what you’re looking for to give you a new change of pace. However, even if they are not, we know that moving to a new city can bring about some awesome mental health improvements like these:


1. Starting all over – a new beginning in a new place 


There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to start over: some that are great, and some that are not so great. Moving to a new city is an easy way to jumpstart the process into starting a brand new life.


You may be moving because you got a new job that pays much more than your old one. In fact, it might even be your dream job! Or, you may be moving to be closer to family or friends, provide care for a friend or loved one who’s going through a difficult time, or even fleeing from someone who has treated you poorly. 


No matter what the circumstances of your move may be, moving to a new city, and in a brand new apartment is a way for you to start a brand new life. Decorate your new home in the way you’ve always dreamed. Adopt the furry friend you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are endless.


2. Having new and different life experiences


There’s a reason why “small town girl moving to the big city” is such a major trope in Hollywood movies. In the movies, the small town girl is always wowed by the bright lights and the opportunity of the big city. They immediately fall in love with their job, live in an impossibly big apartment, and marry a guy they met after only a week of knowing them.


Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view of it), life isn’t always like the movies. It’s harder to move into a new place than a movie makes it seem, and you may not always be the biggest fan of your job. 


However, something that Hollywood gets right is changing your perspective. Moving to a new city provides you with a unique opportunity to learn and experience new things you may have never experienced before. This is especially true if you’re moving from a smaller town into a bigger city. Our apartments in Westwood can offer so many fun and exciting experiences that you may have never been able to experience before. 


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3. Making new friends and creating a new social life


It’s always comforting to have friends around you that you’ve known for your whole life. These are special and fulfilling friendships that you should cherish for as long as you possibly can, however moving to a new city allows for you to widen your social circle and to broaden your horizons.


Making new friends from outside of your hometown allows you to gain more experiences with the world. No two peoples’ lives are going to be exactly the same. You’ll be able to create a brand new social circle doing fun and interesting things that you may have never thought you would’ve done before all because you were able to move into a new area.


4. New homes can improve your mental health


Where we live affects our mental health for the better, or for the worse. This is why when you’re finally able to move out on your own your mental health can vastly improve. You’re able to make your own decisions about decorations. You can keep it clean or let it be as messy as you want. You can have whatever food you want in the fridge, and you can eat it whenever you want. You’re finally allowed to be free and to be yourself for what may be the first time.


Moving into a new apartment may not feel like an overwhelming accomplishment to some people. However, to others, it truly is life-changing.


Moving into a Westwood Apartment


Sometimes it can be difficult to do something that is better for your own mental health. This could be something as easy as starting to go to therapy, or it could be more difficult like moving to a new city. Whatever that case, you should know that you can always find a home here at our apartments in Westwood. We are thrilled to welcome everyone from all walks of life, whether you’re joining us for the first time in your new apartment, or you’re looking to get away and start anew. We’re happy to have you here.


If you are interested in seeing everything that Woodside can do for you, contact us and schedule a tour today.