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Need Help Discovering Your Personal Home Decor Style? 5 Expert Tips to Check Out

Decorating your space that’s all your own is one of the most fun parts about moving into a studio apartment in Kansas City. You get to figure out what exactly it is that you like and what kind of style you really appreciate. In a new apartment, it doesn’t matter what kind of style you may have had before. You get to start anew, you get an opportunity to keep what you liked about past styles and change up what didn’t work for you as much. 


Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly it is that you want. What’s in style is constantly changing, and so is your personality. The things that you liked in your first college apartment are likely not going to be the same things that you enjoy decorating with now. You have to figure out what your personal style is and how to best incorporate that into your new space.


If you’re starting on a new style project, whether you’re wanting to revamp your apartment or decorate one of our studio apartments in Kansas City, here are some tips that can help:


1. Start with a small space


It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you try to start redecorating your entire apartment at the same time. Instead of jumping whole hog into your entire apartment, try starting with a small space. 


For example, if you’re itching for an apartment refresh, don’t go on Amazon and buy tons of items for every part of your space. What you’ll end up with is a pile of clutter that you don’t know where to put until you organize your space. However, if you start with one single room, like the kitchen, you’ll be able to focus all of your energy on the kitchen. That way, your apartment is not destroyed in the meantime. You’ll be able to freely move throughout the entire rest of your space without having to bob and weave through new decor items and rearranged furniture. It makes your space still livable, while being able to redecorate and make it your own.


This idea is particularly important for studio apartments in Kansas City or across the country. In a studio apartment, you aren’t easily able to move items around without disrupting the flow of your entire space. However, if you keep that disorganization confined to a single section of your studio apartment, it makes things feel a lot less overwhelming.


3. Don’t copy and paste from Pinterest


Pinterest is a great resource to get some ideas for style and design. Plenty of people use it as inspiration for things like weddings, decor, outfits, and more. But don’t be fooled into thinking that all of your designs have to look exactly like the ones on Pinterest. You do not have to copy and paste exactly from Pinterest in order to get the style you want.


Before you go out and purchase a three hundred dollar vase, take a look at room inspiration pictures and see what it is about them that you like. Are you a fan of the color scheme? Maybe you enjoy the textures that they chose. Or, instead, you enjoy the layout of the room itself.


Whatever it is you like about the room, don’t feel like you have to make it look exactly the same. Take inspiration from the aspect of the picture that you like and make it your own. If you copy and paste it exactly from a Pinterest inspiration picture, your home isn’t going to truly feel like it’s yours.


4. Think about the full home experience


In Woodside’s studio apartments in Kansas City, and in studio apartments across the country, there can be a lack of space and boundaries. This is because studio apartments, in essence, are just one big room. That’s why when you make your design choices for a studio apartment, you have to be cognizant of the full home experience.


Before you put your trashcan right by your apartment door, think about it: do you really want to smell trash as soon as you enter your apartment? If the answer is no, you need to make a choice to change your decor. Do you really want to have the dining table directly across from the bathroom door? And is it the best design choice to have all of your seating facing the sun? These are all aspects to consider when you’re designing your apartment!


5. You don’t always have to go neutral


It can be tempting to choose all natural colors when you’re designing your apartment. You may be considering using them for decorating your future apartments, where you may be worried that choosing something too bold will make your room look sloppy.


But you shouldn’t be afraid to use colors! Don’t think that you have to give up all of your neutrals in order to use colors though. Try using bright kitchen appliances to add a spot of color. Or, among all of your neutral tone furniture in the living area, choose a brightly colored armchair. Your space doesn’t have to be covered in rainbows, but adding bright spots of color really brings a lot of character to an otherwise neutral space.

Making our Studio Apartments in Kansas City Yours


Here at Woodside, we want our studio apartments in Kansas City to serve as a blank canvas for you and all of your creative home decor ideas. Trying to find your own personal style in a new place can be very difficult, but we want you to make your apartment as unique and as creative as you are. Whether this is your first new apartment, or your fifth, we want you to feel at home and welcome here at Woodside.


If you are interested in seeing what Woodside has to bring to the table, contact us and schedule a tour today.