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Bring New Life to Your Studio Apartment with These Affordable Living Room Refresh Ideas

If you’re feeling a little “stuck in a rut” at the studio apartments in Kansas City, it might be time for a bit of a design refresh. Spring is the season of new beginnings, after all, which makes it the perfect time to bust out the cleaning supplies and your adult pants and get to work.

The only problem? Giving your whole apartment a refresh can get time consuming and expensive. But if you’re determined to give your apartment the boost that it needs without breaking the bank, here are some ideas to get you started:


1.) Move your furniture. 

Sometimes, all you need is to just change up the feng shui of the place to get yourself out of your rut. The best part too is that moving furniture around doesn’t cost you anything but time and effort. (And maybe a hospital bill if you’re out of shape like I am, but that’s neither here nor there.) It might be that moving the couch from in front of the windows to against the wall is just what you needed to make your room feel brighter and new again. 

Plus, moving the furniture gives you the opportunity to maybe clean behind or around furniture that you don’t often move, like your bed, couch, nightstands, etc. The smell of cleaning supplies and removing the layer of dust that may have accumulated without you knowing can make a massive difference in feeling refreshed in your apartment. 


2.) Go “shopping” in your apartment before you go shopping for real. 

It may sound kind of silly if you think about it: why would you go shopping in your own apartment? But even in one of our studio apartments in Kansas City, there’s bound to be things that you’ve just kind of tucked away or tossed to the side that you haven’t thought much about lately. 

Go look through your apartment. See if you can find some old décor that might be better used in a different room, or maybe move a piece of furniture that you have tucked away in your bedroom space to use for your living room. The possibilities are endless: and if you can repurpose something from another room, then you don’t have to spend a dime updating anything.


3.) Get new throw pillows or cushion covers. 

Are you tired of your beige couch and wish you could get a new one? You’ve probably thought about it, but when you went to look at the prices, you realized that the thousand dollar price tag and months-long wait wasn’t worth it. It wouldn’t be worth it to most people.

Something you can do instead, though, is go find some inexpensive cushion covers or couch covers. Cover your old couch in a nice couch cover, completely transforming the color and making it look like a brand new couch for a fraction of the price. If that is a little too much for you to do, too, then it wouldn’t hurt to even get a couple of new throw pillows. Just a little extra pop of color can do wonders for sprucing up your apartment and your mood!

A bright living room with throw pillows and flowers


4.) Buy new curtains. 

Your curtains are something that you look at every day, multiple times a day, sometimes for hours at a time. You’re used to them. They’ve practically blended into the wall at this point. But what you might not realize is that by having them up there for so long and being so used to them may be detrimental to your perception of them: and when they might need an update.

Because curtains are constantly receiving direct sunlight from the windows and may be directly in the line of fire for dust and pollen coming from outside, our curtains can become dirty and faded without us even knowing. After all, if you’re in the middle of it and see its slow progression, it’s harder to notice the major changes.

Buying something as simple as new curtains can change the feeling of your room. Try a new color, or go for something more gauzy for spring. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.


5.) Go thrifting. 

You would be amazed at some of the quality pieces you can find on places like eBay and Facebook Marketplace if you look. And, if you’re willing to take the time to pick through your local thrift shop, you could find even more. Looking secondhand for statement pieces or even just basic pieces that you could revamp could save you a ton of money for an awesome bit of furniture, in exchange for nothing more than a bit of labor. 


6.) If you’re going to splurge, be strategic about it. 

Look, we’re all going to be tempted with making that big decor purchase. You know it, I know it, we all know it. But if you’re going to splurge on something, make sure that what you’re splurging on is worth it for your space. 

Only spend the big bucks if it’s something that can totally transform your room or that you could build your entire space around. If what you’re going for is a massive cabinet, make that the focal point of your room. Are you wanting to drop some money on a huge light fixture? Make it the star. Or maybe there’s a piece of artwork that you’ve just completely fallen in love with. Get it – but make sure that it’s displayed prominently and is a huge part of your décor.

Just remember: it’s absolutely worth splurging if it makes you happy, but make sure that you’re putting your money into something that’s worth it.


It’s worth taking the time for a refresh.

Whether you’re in one of our studio apartments in Kansas City or a house in the suburbs, it’s worth taking a little time out of your normal spring cleaning schedule to revamp your living room. Making some simple, low-cost or no-cost changes can completely transform your space and make you fall in love with your space all over again. 

Are you feeling inspired and want to come and check out what you might be able to do with one of our studio apartments? Schedule a tour and come check us out today!