Fresh yellow flowers in vase sitting on coffee table in living room in front of couch

12 Simple Ways To Level Up Your Luxury Apartment in KC

You can easily make your apartment reflect your style by redecorating and adding a few accent pieces. Put in small, luxurious accents first. Changes as subtle as adding an area rug have a big impact on a space.  The idea of living in a luxurious home complete with vibrant colors, expensive wall art, and chandeliers is quite appealing, isn’t it? 

As obvious as it may seem, that kind of lifestyle comes with a significant financial expense. However, with the right touches of luxury, you can still achieve the best-looking luxury apartments in KC! With these tips, we’ll make sure that you can make even the simplest things ultra-luxe and coveted. So keep scrolling because, with a little creativity and planning, you can create a relaxing, luxurious place for yourself. 


Tips to Spruce Up Luxury Apartments in KC

Take a look at these apartment design ideas to find your inspiration, add those personal touches, explore those unique design elements, and design a space that will impress your guests no matter how big your luxury apartment in KC is.


1. Set Fresh Flowers on Display

A fresh bouquet can instantly transform a room into one that looks more luxurious. Not only will they look elegant in your apartment, but they will also fill your home with a sweet scent. Plus, it looks more extravagant when the bouquet is bigger. There is something classy about a large, vibrant bouquet on a coffee table or mantle.


2. Invest in King-Sized Pillows for Your Queen-Sized Bed

By doing so, the bed appears more elegant and expensive. Amazingly, it is possible to find pillows for king size for a very reasonable price. You can easily tell when a pillow is cheap or not by its appearance, and a good pillow can significantly improve the look of a room.


3. Get Your Bed Linens with a Higher Thread Count

If you’ve had an exhausting day, getting into a cozy bed adorned with luxurious bedding is truly a treat.  As we spend one-third of our time in bed, it’s essential to select bed sheets from a variety that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also fits your preferences, your budget, and your climate.


4. Enhance the Aroma

Luxurious apartments require more than just good looks. Homes have been sold using the smell of freshly baked cookies for decades. So why not apply the same technique to your space? Whether it’s a Woodwick candle, a homemade potpourri mix, or an oil diffuser, you can transform your rental into the comforts of a luxury apartment. The scent of a luxurious perfume is sure to set the mood. You can even hang eucalyptus from your shower head to create a spa-like atmosphere.
Spacious living room with two chairs, sofa, coffee table, and large area rug


5. Lay down Area Rugs

A soft rug beneath your feet can instantly improve your living space. Rugs create an inviting, luxurious atmosphere. Their modern design anchors the look of any room, and they are a fantastic way to protect your carpet and decorate your apartment.


6. Invest in Large-scale Art 

Infuse your apartment with art. Hanging an oversized piece of art in your home instantly gives it a feeling of cool, lux. The impact of large-scale art in a room is always tremendous. Hanging an oversized piece of art on one of your living room walls creates a focal point and adds character to your apartment.


7. Hang Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes 

By adding floor-to-ceiling drapes to your apartment, you’ll take it up a notch. The curtain ends should be touching the floor or slightly bundled to add to your interior’s drama. To finish the look, add polished curtain holdbacks. 


8. Stock a Snack Bowl

On your coffee table or bookshelf, display a snack bowl for a touch of luxury. Fill it with nuts, candies, mints, or other treats. For a true slice of fancy, grab a bowl of mouth-watering French Macaroons. They won’t last long, but they will certainly make a lasting impression on your guests!


9. Add Metallic Items

The right small accent piece can do wonders. Adding a gold leaf mirror, a brass table, or a few vintage pieces of silver will all help to elevate your room’s value. Don’t be afraid to think small. A little is all it takes.


10. Wallpaper Can Make Your Space Look Newly Renovated and Fresh

Wallpaper is one way to upgrade your decor. Create an accent wall in your living room or bedroom behind your couch or bed. If you enjoy playing around with fun styles, a hallway is a great place to do it since it is a relatively small space that you don’t spend large amounts of time in.


11. Add a Sculptural Item

Introduce an element with an interesting shape or unique silhouette to prevent the room from becoming overrun with straight lines. For example, adding an artistic element to your living room with a tree-root coffee table or an unusual side chair will feel like you have a piece of art in your home.


12. Replace the Hardware on Old Furniture to Achieve a Fresh Look

Updating your cupboard handles and knobs is an easy and effective way to transform your furniture. Hardware stores offer low-cost modern pieces, or you can browse flea markets and thrift shops to find unique, vintage additions that can give your apartment a touch of luxury.


Are You Ready to Spice up Luxury Apartments in KC? 

Although apartment design can be stressful, you can make your home look utterly luxurious by following a few simple, practical guidelines. It’s important to know that luxury design takes into consideration a well-organized space as well. Organize your stuff, make your storage functional, and make your furniture attractive. If your apartment is thoughtfully decorated, it doesn’t take much to live comfortably.

In the end, we want you to fall in love with your new apartment the moment you walk in, so we assembled these tips to help you decorate without breaking a sweat.  When you’ve successfully transformed your apartment into a lavish space, you should throw a small party. Your guests will be amazed when they see your luxurious dwelling in detail.