Apartment living room with natural light coming in

10 Tips for Decorating Your New Apartment on a Budget

Ah, at last, a new apartment in the Heart of America, the city of Kansas City. Gone are the days of living with others and following the strict dormitory rules. Now, you have your own place where you can do anything you want! Aside from not dealing with midnight curfews anymore, having your own apartment also means you have the final say on the apartment vibe and decor. We can tell that you can’t wait to start decorating!

However, we understand that being in charge of the overall look of a new apartment can also be daunting. Where do you start? Do you begin with a furniture haul from Ikea? Do you run to the nearest art gallery for wall decor? Do you buy all the latest models of appliances for a high-tech home? Oops, reality check: you are on a budget! What do you do?

If you are in the same dilemma above, you’ve come to the perfect place! Today, we will share ten budget tips for decorating one of the best apartments in Kansas City—your very own! This list will be in chronological order, so you would know what to do first. So, without further ado, let’s get decorating!


1. Restrain Yourself From Buying All the Things You Need at Once 

We know the feeling of eagerness that comes with decorating a new apartment. However, if you are not mindful of your spendings, your costs can add up quickly! Buying several things can be too pricey, even with a loose budget. The first tip is not really an item to check off your list, but a bullet to keep in mind: remember to start slow!

Thorough and careful planning will help you find out what you truly need. Not rushing with your purchases will save you from unnecessary expenditures! First, purchase day-to-day essentials such as a bed, a couch, and kitchen appliances. Then, you can start buying other things! Trust us: your future self will thank your initial frugality in the meantime.


2. Skip the Furniture Shops and Visit the Nearest Thrift Store 

Purchasing new furniture may seem like the best choice for you—after all, it’s a new apartment! However, the problem with mega furniture outlets is that they mass produce their goods. This means that your sofa may have a thousand other identical siblings. Not to mention that these pieces of furniture are steeply-priced!

Take a trip to your local thrift store and look for unique pre-loved pieces that fit your budget. If you are lucky, you may even come across vintage and antique finds! Not to mention that thrifting items are more sustainable and environment-friendly.


3. Get a Rug for Your Floor

One way to instantly spice up your living area is to throw on a stylish and high-quality rug. If you find your apartment too bland for your taste, a rug can add color and patterns for a bit of flavor! Moreover, you can also get rugs for cheap to define your living area without breaking your bank.


4. Bring In Mirrors to Your Apartment to Add an Illusion of a Bigger Space

If your new apartment is too small for your liking, you are not alone. You can solve this problem by adding mirrors to your walls! You may hang one giant mirror or a group of smaller mirrors to make your living area appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors are inexpensive ways to extend your space without actually conducting a renovation.

House plants sitting in apartment near window

5. House Plants Are Your Best Friends 

If your new apartment is in the metro, away from nature, don’t worry. You can get plants and flowers for your space to bring the beauty of nature to you! Remember to choose low-maintenance plants to ensure that they survive in the city.

Plants can also boost your mood, so that’s definitely a plus! Moreover, plants make use of carbon dioxide, improving the quality of air in your apartment. They also produce oxygen, which is beneficial for your health. Before buying plants, check if you have allergies to prevent unwanted reactions.


6. Try Removable and Rental-Friendly Wallpaper

Some apartments do not allow repainting of walls, and that’s okay—you can always go for removable wallpaper! These options are easy to peel off, which means these are landlord-approved. There are also a lot of designs for you to choose from to fit your style and preferences. With removable wallpapers, you can personalize your apartment to your heart’s desire.


7. Let Natural Sunlight Into Your Home

Trust us: the vibe of your new apartment will totally level up if you let natural sunlight inside. Refrain from placing heavy furniture near your windows to let the light peak through your studio. Furthermore, choose light and airy curtains for a brighter, sunnier feel.


8. Tidy Up Your Wires

No matter how well-decorated your new apartment may be, unsightly wires will ruin its overall appeal. Organize your wires and cover them using wire and cord organizers. You may also look for decorative wire boxes to hide all the tangled mess. Goodbye, eyesore wires!


9. Use Space-Saving Storage Options

Small apartments will definitely benefit from creative space-saving storage ideas. Numerous decorative items can also serve as storage. You may go for ottomans that also double as storage compartments. You can also get yourself some kitchen organizers to pile your cutlery. These suggestions are merely a fraction of your options: the possibilities are endless!


10. Invest in a Diffuser 

Our last tip for today appeals to our sense of smell. Most of the time, we forget that scents play a crucial role in how we experience our daily lives. The first nine tips aim to increase the visual appeal of your new apartment. Now, buying an essential oil diffuser will help your apartment smell the way you want it to.


Good Luck With Sprucing up Your New Apartment!

With our ten ultimate decorating tips, one of the best apartments in Kansas City will feel like home in no time! Keep these things in mind when planning how to settle into your new apartment. We hope this article gave you a clear insight on how to get started!