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6 Tips for Selecting Furniture for Small Spaces

There is no place like home. It is a saying that you may have already heard before. To call a place a home, we need to ensure that we could express ourselves freely in that place. It is also essential to know if that place could keep up with our lifestyle.

Living in a home similar to the Westwood apartments with small spaces doesn’t mean that you cannot use your own style. After all, it should not limit you in creating a livable place that also represents your personality. So how do you do that?

Pieces of furniture, such as sofas and tables, come in different sizes. However, when you have a small space, your creativity plays a significant role. It means that you should focus on the furniture’s sizes and its shapes, colors, and designs. Those factors are relevant in shaping the place you aspire to have. 

Finding the right furniture for your home is not an easy task. It takes time, energy, and money to find the furniture that suits your needs. 

We are here to help you! We have several tips that could help you select furniture for homes with small spaces. 


1. Don’t Use Too Much Furniture for a Room

When decorating a room, it is normal for us to put or display pieces of furniture to make the place functional. However, there is a tendency for us to overcrowd the room with small and unnecessary amounts of furniture. When this happens, our home may look messy or cluttered. Through time, you might end up going through Marie Kondo’s KonMari method in decluttering your space. 

According to a designer, Marlaina Teich, you can focus on big furniture pieces rather than filling your place with tons of small items. It is to let your furniture have breathing spaces, which will also help in making you feel relaxed. A small area should not only fit your furniture but also give you room to walk around. 


2. Put Furniture Pieces That Have a Purpose

Given that you have a small space, picking the right furniture pieces is crucial. For small areas, we recommend you to put furniture pieces that serve a purpose. You can assess your furniture by thinking, would I need to use this every day? 

By doing so, you will realize that you don’t need too much furniture every day. It will also help you achieve our first tip, which is avoiding a crowded place. Hence, in selecting furniture pieces, you can eliminate unnecessary ones, leaving more money in your pocket!  


3. Keep Your Furniture Simple and Functional

Simplicity does not necessarily mean a lack of style and design. What’s good with simple furniture is that you could easily create a theme for your place. In addition, matching furniture pieces with the floor and walls will be more manageable. However, remember that your small space should not restrict you from getting customized furniture. 

When it comes to functionality, your furniture could help you maximize the spaces without requiring you to buy or build another piece. Why buy another cabinet when you can store it below the bed! 


4. Use Multifunctional or Expandable Furniture

It is better to use multifunctional or expandable furniture, especially if you have a small space. One of the multifunctional pieces of furniture that you could use is the sofa bed. You could also invest in a good table, which you can use for eating and working. Today, various types of furniture are multifunctional or expandable. It is to cater to the people living in apartments or condominiums.

Expandable or convertible furniture is valuable for houses with small spaces. With multifunctional pieces of furniture, you could save floor space, giving you more room to walk around. Aside from saving space, you could also save money since you don’t have to buy more furniture pieces.
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5. Use Color Schemes to Make Your Place Lightweight and Aesthetically Pleasing

If you want to incorporate your style in any home, color schemes are a major factor. For small spaces, we’d like to make the area look lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. But, on the other hand, we don’t want to see a cluttered space and a mismatch on the theme.

To achieve the goal of making your place lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, you can start by choosing visually light furniture. Visually light means the color is not striking and that the frame is small. It is where simplicity comes into play, allowing you to have a minimalist vibe.

If you want to use specific colors, it is essential to learn how to match them. Make sure to familiarize yourself with this to know more about the eye-catching color combinations for your home!


6. Consider the Proportions When Arranging Your Furniture

When arranging your furniture, paying attention to proportions could help you manage the floor space. It would help if you considered proportions to ensure that your furniture has the correct measurements that could fit in your home. You wouldn’t like it when furniture takes up too much space!

When it comes to your furniture arrangement, there are also some tips on how you can do it. One is following symmetrical layouts for your living room. It will not only make your place aesthetically pleasing, but it will also give you a hint on the proper proportions. 


Final Thoughts

If you live in homes such as the Westwood apartments, the tips that we’ve shared might be helpful for you. There is no doubt in saying that selecting furniture pieces is challenging. However, you could use it as an opportunity to enjoy designing your home. Besides, your home represents your personality.

If the six tips above are not enough, there are more tips on selecting furniture for small spaces. You can also consult professionals, such as interior designers, on how you can maximize your floor space. They could give you recommendations on what to buy and how to arrange them.  

We wish you good luck in finding the right furniture for you. We hope that we helped you in shaping your home.