Minimalist luxury apartment with neutral tones

5 Tips for Creating a Luxury Minimalist Apartment

Designing an apartment can be tricky, especially when you want it to look luxurious and minimalist simultaneously. For some, minimalist designs can limit their creativity and will require thorough planning. But to create an aesthetically appealing apartment, create a perfect balance by combining luxury and simple designs. 

Luxury design for an apartment in Westwood is more than just investing in costly furniture and fixtures. It should also fit your lifestyle. After all, luxury minimalist design is about being creative and simple. Here are our five tips to guide you in designing your apartment.


1. Keep the Decorations Simple and Classy.

Keep in mind that simplicity is the key to minimalism. Incorporate your apartment with furniture, fixtures, and storage to make the home overall look clutter-free and stress-free. Make sure that you choose based on its relevance and easy maintenance.

Avoid using things that have mediocre quality. First and foremost, luxury is about quality over quantity. Never settle for less. A minimalist apartment doesn’t necessarily mean compromising the quality of the material. Merge the idea of plainness in the classiness within you.

If you have trouble finding decorations and furniture, you may opt to customize. Adding a personal touch can accentuate your character. More than that, you know that the design and size will fit your apartment. Take note that a luxury minimalist space aims to have a unique and elegant look.


Colorful couch with colorful throw pillows and fun textured wall painting in background


2. Combine Color and Texture.

An appropriate color scheme lifts the mood and transforms a space. A neutral color palette is the most usual color scheme of a minimalist concept. However, adding strong, vibrant colors can also be pretty classy. It creates a bold statement within your home.

If you choose to add bright colors, make sure not to overdo it. It may look lively but not eye-pleasing. Place these shades into smaller details such as pillows, cushions, table mats, or accessories. 

Colors could be ready to go but may seem to look boring. A good remedy is to add texture. Texture gives life to compensate for the plainness of being minimal. Mixing different textures into colors is a way to create a fantastic visual interest. Think of textures, such as velvet, leather, and wood. Textures create movements in your minimalist apartment.


3. Incorporate Multipurpose Furniture.

One of the reasons why many people embrace being minimal is to avoid clutter and full storages that sometimes cannot be closed. When it comes to being minimal, start stepping up your game when choosing what to put in your apartment in Westwood. Multi-use furniture and fixtures are a great improvement.

Multifunctional storage doesn’t just save space. They are also innovative, giving more individuality and versatility to adapt to various situations. But remember, as what is mentioned earlier, never settle for less. It could be multifunctional, but if it is not quality-based, don’t purchase it.


4. Leave Empty Spaces and Bring in More Light.

In a minimalist concept, empty space is a part of the design—free walls and corners provide a light and airy atmosphere. Eliminate unnecessary pieces of accessories and furniture and change them into plain-looking cabinets and storages or multipurpose ones. This allows you to maximize the room space and hides away things to keep it bare-looking.

Let the color, texture, and interior design fill the emptiness and plainness of the room.  Installing large mirrors on walls also gives an illusion of broader room space. It is an effective way to create a more sophisticated look for a luxury apartment.

Another strategy to make your space more comfortable and stylish is to add light fixtures. Apart from natural lighting, surface-mounted lighting systems can have an aesthetic impact. Also, there is warm and cool lighting to match the vibe of a home.

For instance, the warm tone of the lights makes the home cozier. When you are watching Netflix movies or a series, lighting can add up the excitement. But before integrating with the apartment design, make sure to think about the style, system, and material.


5. Furnish With Details and Integrate Natural Elements.

Nothing beats an excellent interior when each of its details has an interpretation. The furnishings of a luxury apartment holds even more symbolism when its owner puts a lot of effort into conveying a message. An interpretation shows one’s individuality and distinctness.

  • Add artwork that reflects your personality
  • Install lights that lift up your spirits
  • Pick a bed that gives you a soft and warm sleep
  • Include a masterpiece made by a renowned artist or a piece made by yourself.

It is more rewarding when the owner themself lives in a home where they can freely express themselves.

Also, adding plants and natural elements inside your apartment in Westwood can brighten up the space. You can create balance by integrating sleek lines from materials, such as woven baskets and wooden chairs.


Keep Your Apartment Stylish Always 

The simplicity and elegance of an apartment design is something to admire, especially when it is luxurious. A minimalist apartment design that speaks more is what we are trying to achieve. A classy apartment that is comfortable, clean, stress-free, and clutter-free is what we all agree to appreciate.

A combination of luxury and minimalistic interior design is not just for being an aesthetically appealing home. It should also adapt to the owner’s lifestyle. Luxury minimalist interior design is not only for visuals, but it also showcases lifestyle. A minimalistic style of a home gives the owner a fresh start into facing a new chapter of their life. It symbolizes the owner’s personality and passion.

Designing an apartment can be a daunting task, but being creative and careful with your decisions will help you keep your house in style. Make sure to include our guide in your home designing plans. It will not only look elegant and fresh but multifunctional as well. Remember to incorporate bold statements, add a personal touch, and keep things neutral and classy.