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4 Apartment Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Seasonal Get-Together

With fall and winter around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family for memorable get-togethers. If you’re fortunate enough to live in Woodside’s Westwood apartments in KS, you have an ideal setting to host a seasonal apartment party. With cozy interiors and a picturesque view outside, there’s no better time to plan an unforgettable gathering. 

Plus, there’s nothing that says ‘tis the season’ quite like getting your friends and family together to enjoy spending time together! Winter is all about family gatherings, good food, and good people. A fun seasonal party is a great way to bring this all full circle. If you’ve been considering hosting your own fall or winter wonderland extravaganza, then here are a couple of ideas you might be able to use: 


1. Cozy Movie Night

Embrace the chilly weather by turning your Woodside apartment into a cozy movie theater. Start by rearranging your furniture to create comfortable seating arrangements. Lay down some plush blankets and pillows to provide warmth and comfort, or even make a blanket fort. You’re never too old to make a great blanket fort and be the envy of all your friends!

Now, it’s time to choose the perfect winter-themed movies. Classics like “Home Alone,” “Frozen,” or “The Holiday” can set the mood. Or, if you’re a big fan of cheesy Christmas movies, you can never go wrong with turning on the Hallmark Channel and seeing what comes up. Don’t forget to create a concession stand with hot cocoa, popcorn, and assorted Christmas candies and treats, like candy canes, haystacks, Christmas tree brownies, and more. 

Your Westwood apartment in KS makes for the perfect winter movie night backdrop, and it’s an awesome way to get all of your friends together in one place to celebrate the holiday. 


2. Use Seasonal Decorations

Transform your apartment into a harvest haven or winter wonderland by adorning it with seasonal decorations. String up twinkling fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere. Grab some pumpkins or hang snowflakes and icicles from the ceiling to give your Westwood apartment in KS a frosty touch, straight out of a cheesy Hallmark film. You can even make those paper snowflakes that you might’ve made in elementary school to add to windows and doors!

Plus, decorating your apartment for the holidays is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. You can make it a family event to get the house decorated, or invite your friends to create homemade decorations that you can keep as a keepsake. Turn decorating your apartment into a massive crafting party, and you’ll be amazed at how involved and excited everyone can get! 

When you’re finished decorating, don’t forget to take pictures as keepsakes. Better yet, encourage all of your friends and family who are there to help to make decorations for their own homes. They’ll be able to add a little bit of that memory into their winter decorations for them to remember for years to come. Even if you don’t decorate your home the same way again next year, you’ll always have the reminder of the great time that you spent with your family and friends. 


3. Potluck Dinner Party

What better way to warm up during the cold weather than with a potluck dinner party? Invite your guests to bring their favorite winter dishes, and you can focus on the main course or theme. It makes things a little easier for you as the host, and allows your guests to feel like they’re helping and participating instead of making things more difficult. 

Plus, there’s nothing quite like getting all of your friends together for a delicious meal that you all had a hand in preparing! Encourage your friends to bring a dish that’s special to them – whether that’s a dish that they loved from childhood or something new that they’ve been wanting to try. It gives everyone the opportunity to share something special with those that they love and care about in a time of year that’s designed for family, friends, and togetherness. 

Potluck dinner parties are great, too, because you’ll have plenty of delicious leftovers. You’ll be able to enjoy your delicious dishes that your family and friends prepared for several days – or just for a tasty lunch the next day. Who doesn’t love that?

A dining room table set up with seasonal decor for a dinner party


4. Game Night Extravaganza

Another fantastic idea for a winter apartment party is to host a game night extravaganza. Set up a gaming station with a variety of board games, card games, and even video games. Multiplayer video games like JackBox Party Pack, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Brothers are great for exciting group games that are easy to learn and easy to get others involved in. For some video games, you can even involve others by getting them to play on their phones! 

You can also include some winter-themed games like charades with holiday movie clues, or karaoke with Christmas songs. Get everyone to enjoy a couple of drinks, and you’re all set for a great night filled with joy, laughter, and friendship that’s perfect for the holiday season. 

But don’t think that games are all you can do on game night! You can do a wide array of other activities too, like putting together Legos into fun designs, creating holiday themed crafts together, do a holiday themed puzzle, make treats, and more. You’re guaranteed to make a night that will be unforgettable for all of your guests – friends and family alike. 


Enjoying Wintertime in Woodside’s Westwood Apartments in KS

This upcoming holiday season, there’s no better place to enjoy some fun-filled, family-focused activities than Woodside’s Westwood apartments in KS. With our modern amenities and prime location, you’re set for success no matter what you choose to do this winter season. Whether you’re hosting a movie night, a game bash, a decorating party, or a potluck, Woodside is ready to host all of your friends and family this holiday season. 

If you’re interested in seeing if Woodside is the perfect place for you, contact us and schedule a tour today!