A studio apartment with modern decor

5 Character Traits That Make Studio Apartments an Ideal Home

What makes a house a home? Ideally, your home is where you are most comfortable. Where you are eager to come home to relax, to spend time with your family and loved ones, to have friends come to visit. It’s where we are supposed to feel safe and calm, where we can safely unwind from the stress of the day.

Everyone’s idea of their ideal family home is going to be different. For some, they imagine the picturesque suburban home with bright green grass and the white picket fence. For others, they imagine a large farm in the middle of nowhere. Maybe your ideal home is a little cabin in the woods, or a large home with your friends, or a small studio apartment.

Whatever you see as your ideal home, it’s still important to remember that anything can become an ideal home as long as you find something that you love about it. While our studio apartments in Kansas City aren’t suited for every lifestyle and family size, they are an excellent choice for many. 

Are you considering moving into our studio apartments in Kansas City? Here are some reasons that this might become your new ideal home:


1.) Studio apartments are normally lower cost with more creative freedom.

Deciding to move into a studio apartment is a big commitment, but often a more financially sound one than moving into a one-bedroom apartment. If you’re willing to sacrifice the idea of having walls around your bedroom, then studio apartments are definitely the way to go. 

If the idea of giving up bedroom walls is hard for you to grasp, then that’s okay! You aren’t the only one. Use that extra money that you aren’t using on rent to buy some room dividers, some large shelving, or some other kind of barrier to block off your “bedroom” from the rest of the apartment! That way, you’ll have extra storage and a more unique way to block off your personal, private space from the rest of the room. It might not be a bedroom, but you’re able to give yourself as much or as little space as you want, and with a little creativity, you can decorate it exactly like you want!


2.) Large windows with an abundance of natural light. 

One of the things that people believe is most important when choosing a new apartment is natural light. Large windows, plenty of light, a great view: these are all things that people have on their ‘must have’ lists when they’re apartment hunting. 

Studio apartments will often have all of these. With massive windows that provide a lot of natural light, it helps studio apartments to look much bigger than they really are. So if you’re a sucker for having some really incredible windows, then check out a studio apartment!


3.) Most studio apartments are in a great location.

One of the greatest perks to living in an apartment is being able to have that central location. The ability to walk most places, to be close to your favorite restaurants, stores, and even your job lends a lot of weight to the desire to live in a studio. 

In fact, in places like New York, it’s the location and not the apartment itself that stack up the price tag. Of course, larger apartments are going to have the higher price, but a smaller apartment in a better location might be the more expensive one. It depends on what you believe is most important! But if you’re looking for an awesome location, then a studio apartment might be the best way to go.   

A group of four friends hanging out together in a studio apartment

4.) You get all of the perks of living in an apartment complex.

Modern apartment complexes really do offer some of the best amenities just for living there. Some apartments offer breakfast to residents, some have a gym or spa, some have a dog park, and more. The best part of having a studio in one of those complexes, though, means that you also have access to all of the awesome amenities.

If you feel like studio apartment living is just a little too small of a space for you, then this makes it the perfect opportunity to make use of those amenities in your apartment complex! Ditch your exercise equipment that’s collecting dust in the corner and taking up space, and use the apartment’s gym instead. Work downstairs in the office space if you need a change of scenery. Watch a movie in the movie room. The possibilities really are endless!


5.) You have plenty of storage space.

Before you say “no,” hear us out! Studio apartments may not have a lot of storage space in the traditional sense, but in a studio, vertical storage is where it’s at. If you’re willing to invest in hooks, shelves, and other vertical storage solutions, then you’ll have more room than you can imagine having in such a small space if you find the right studio apartment. With high ceilings, the possibilities really are endless.

If you’re still not sure, then maybe consider changing around your typical storage solutions! Hang up your TV instead of setting it on a stand to give yourself some extra room. Choose bookshelves or other storage that are tall rather than wide, and you’ll have more room than you can truly imagine having in such a small area. With enough finagling, even a small studio apartment can become your ideal home. 


Woodside Village

Whether you’re in a studio or a one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment, Woodside Village wants to make sure that you’re feeling at home. With our great location, we’re able to offer you the best of what studio apartments in Kansas City have to offer right there in your own backyard. 

Plus, because you’re in the Woodside Village apartments, you’re able to access all of our amazing amenities. This includes our fitness lounge, our gated parking deck, our incredibly modern and up-to-date apartments, and everything else.

If you’re looking to make Woodside Village into your ideal home, contact us and schedule a tour today!