A woman organizing fall flowers in a vase

A Touch of Autumn: 7 Cozy Decor Ideas Perfect for Your Kansas City Apartment

It’s that time of year again: the time of year where we love to cozy up with a cup of warm tea or apple cider in our apartments, snug under a soft blanket. There’s nothing quite like the warm and comforting feeling of being bundled up as the weather starts to cool outside. 

In our Kansas City luxury apartments, we hope that you enjoy the changing of the seasons with everything that makes you feel warm and cozy, whether that be enjoying a warm drink outside on the balcony in the chilled air or bundling up in your fuzzy pajamas in bed. 

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of those autumn vibes into your apartment this season, here are some cozy decor ideas that are perfect to try in any apartment: 


1.) Add throw pillows and comfy blankets

One of the easiest – and comfiest – adjustments that you can make for your apartment’s decor is to add in a couple of comfy blankets and throw pillows in your living space. Not only do throw pillows and blankets add that extra element of hominess to your space, it’s an easy way to add in fall elements without having to change a lot of your decor. 

Simply draping autumn colored throw blankets on the back of your couch or adding a little basket of blankets next to a cozy chair adds a nice touch that is easy to change out with the seasons. Throw pillows are an easy way to change things up as well. With something as simple as a pillow cover, you can change the vibe of all of the throw pillows on your couch or around your home. 


2.) Bring in the outdoor touches

Bring a little of the outdoors inside to give your apartment that extra special touch. Just imagine: you’re surrounded by warm fall colors, warm tones, beautiful autumn flowers, and more while in the comfort of your own home, away from the biting wind. 

Flowers like potted mums are perfect for that autumn feeling and work wonderfully on the balcony of your Kansas City luxury apartments or in an area of your apartment that gets plenty of sun. Or, if you struggle to keep plants alive like so many of us do, another idea is to go and clip small branches from trees (with permission) that are covered in breathtaking fall leaves. Pair the tall branches with an equally tall vase, and you have a stunning centerpiece that will wow anyone that walks in through the door. 


3.) Cozy scents are a must

Once you light a candle, it completely changes the vibe of whatever space you’re in. That especially goes for fall scents. Fragrances like cinnamon, clove, pumpkin spice, and apple have such a distinct feeling of fall that make any space feel more cozy and homey. 

If you aren’t a big candle fan, then simmer pots are another great option to get that fall scent to permeate your home. Simply grab a pot and fill it with water. Add your favorite fall scents, like apples, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and even herbs like rosemary. Place the pot onto your stove and simmer it on low for a few hours, adding water as needed. It adds an incredible fragrance to your home that feels like walking into an autumn bakery!

A cozy arrangement of fall candles on a coffee table.


4.) Display a wreath or garland

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! Add a beautiful autumn-themed wreath to the front door of your apartment, or string several small wreaths together to create a mini garland. If you’re a crafty person, you might want to create your own wreath, but if you aren’t, don’t fret! There are gorgeous autumn-themed wreaths at craft stores for you to choose from that will make just as much of an impact. 


5.) Add a few extra lamps

If you’re looking for a little extra touch to give off that warm feeling, then lamps are the perfect touch. Lamps offer more of a warm, inviting light than the bright overhead lights in many apartments. 

During the autumn, try bringing out a few more lamps and placing them around your apartment instead of always using the overhead lights. It will make your home feel more cozy and inviting to both you and any guests that you may have over!


6.) Make fall-inspired centerpieces and mantle decorations

The best part about centerpieces is that they can be anything at all, and fall centerpieces are no exception. Create your fall centerpieces with a variety of different things: candles in festive candle holders, vases filled with autumn-colored candy (like candy corn), or even the decorative pumpkins and gourds that are on sale at this time of year! Your guests are sure to be wowed. 


7.) Find autumnal art pieces

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t have at least a little decoration up on the walls of their apartment. Why not trade those decorations out for more fall-themed decor? 

Art shows, craft stores, and more will change their art and decorations from season to season, and it is the perfect time to go on the hunt for new artwork. Choose pieces that reflect the season: colorful leaves, fall foods, and more. If you’re artistically inclined, you can always paint your own as well, with bright reds and oranges and yellows. It is sure to be a showstopping piece!


Woodside Village

Here at Woodside, we love the changing seasons, and we love how our guests decorate for each different season and holiday. We encourage you to decorate to your heart’s content, because while you may be living in our Kansas City luxury apartments, we want you to feel like you are home at all times. 

If you are interested in making Woodside Village your home for the fall season and beyond, we would love to have you. Contact us and schedule a tour today to see what all we have to offer!