A woman at the luxury apartments in Westwood uses a smart coffee maker in her kitchen

Integrate Smart Technology Into Your Kitchen With These Great Hacks

Nothing screams luxury more than having smart appliances, gadgets, and more in your home, and having a fancy kitchen feels like the pinnacle of society to many across the country. Kitchens are a major factor when choosing an apartment, and when an apartment complex is able to offer a nice kitchen with smart appliances, then that draw increases tenfold. 

Our luxury apartments in Westwood may not have the latest cutting edge smart fridge or smart oven technology, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still bring in the element of high society that comes from having some fancy gadget in the room we use the most in the home. Not every smart gadget has to cost you an arm and a leg to be useful, accessible, and downright cool to use. 

Here are some cool ways that you can incorporate technology into your kitchen:


Smart Fridges

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. While many apartment complexes like our luxury apartments in Westwood don’t have the full list of smart appliances, they are a nice touch to have. Smart fridges are among the best of the best tools to help you make your kitchen experience that much easier and feel that much more luxe. 

Many smart fridges have some kind of a tablet or a touch screen in the fridge door. This is a great tool to make grocery lists, leave the family notes, write important reminders, and so on. Since it’s on a tablet and connected to the internet, your family can access these notes on the go on their phones, making it easy to check if Jimmy has soccer practice today or if the milk in the fridge has gone bad. 

Some smart fridges even come with cameras in the fridge, so if you’re at the store and you can’t remember if you have eggs at home or not, you can just check the camera to see! It may seem impractical to have a camera in the fridge, but you’ll be thanking yourself later when you remember the eggs to make cookies later on.


Smart Appliances

Nowadays, it feels like our appliances are smarter than we are. However, on mornings when it’s hard to function and you’d rather just stay in bed, then these smart appliances can be a game changer. With the advent of improving technology, why wouldn’t you add a couple smart appliances to make your life a little easier?

There are so many smart gadgets that it might make your head spin, but with an app, it’s easier than ever to get going in the morning. Smart toasters can toast your bread, bagels, waffles, and more for a set time using the touchscreen feature. Many smart toasters can also be controlled through an app on your phone. 

Smart coffee pots are much the same. Did you forget to set the timer on your coffee pot and you don’t want to leave your nice, warm bed to have to turn it on just to wait? Luckily for you, your smart coffee pot can get it started for you. Simply tell your virtual assistant to “make a pot of coffee”, settle back into bed, and it’s like nothing was forgotten at all. 

While these appliances do require a little legwork (like remembering to put coffee into your machine), the payout is completely worth it in the end for the convenience. 

A woman cooking dinner while using a digital assistant home device

Other Gadgets

While not as luxurious or luxe-feeling as some of the bigger smart appliances listed here, there are many smart gadgets that you can add to your kitchen today to make everything feel just a little more special. Having smart technology in your home doesn’t mean purchasing massive appliances; it can be something small to make your everyday life just a little easier. 

There are a surprising amount of fun gadgets to make your life easier. One gadget is an automatic self-stirring whisk that you can place into a pan and watch it keep everything stirred – no need to hover over the pan when you’ve got a gadget working for you! Another is a temperature controlled coffee mug, perfect for those who will make a cup of coffee but then forget about it on the counter as they work on other tasks. This coffee mug will keep your coffee warm for you so you’ll never have to drink freezing cold coffee again (unless you want to)!

A touchless soap dispenser is another fun gadget for your kitchen that you might not even realize you need. There’s nothing worse than touching something oily, greasy, or sticky, and then immediately having to touch the soap container. With a touchless soap dispenser, all you need to do is hover your hand over the mechanism and wait for some soap to pop right into your hand. Easy and mess-free!


For When You Don’t Want to Cook…

Smart technology in the kitchen is so popular because it makes cooking easier, but what about when you just aren’t in the mood to cook? Well, technology can help with that, too! For those nights that you just aren’t feeling like pulling out a pan or a pot and rustling something up, technology can help you in the form of delivery apps. 

Companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats are an easy solution to get the food that you want without having to cook it. It may take a bit longer to get there, sure, but it’s worth it when you don’t have to worry about the hassle of figuring out what you want to eat and how to prepare it. It’s a way to use technology in the kitchen… without using your kitchen!


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